Harmonious Union Coaching

Harmonious Union Coaching is done with us both. Coaching with our whole Union present helps to attune your energy to the energy of Harmonious Union. These sessions are very powerful and potent. Regular coaching is done with one of us, HU Coaching is done with us both for maximum healing. 

Note: Michaila is still learning Spanish so she will hold space and José will translate if necessary. 

Image by Clarence E. Hsu

During this session, we will focus purely on your for one hour. This is the perfect session for you if you're looking for support on a core block or upset you may be experiencing.


One Coaching Session


Four Pack of Ascension Coaching

This is an amazing package that will support you greatly on your Twin Flame Journey, which will create great momentum on your inner healing progress. Having this deep personal support and care on your journey is highly valuable and life changing.


Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU

The Value Pack

This ultimate package will provide you with maximum support and healing on your Twin Flame Journey. This package essentially will give you 2 whole months of coaching (8 hours), scheduled at your preference.