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Our Story

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Coming into Harmonious Union felt like coming home, and it was the moment the course of my eternal life changed forever. I had been guided by my coach to reach out to Jose and explore, but it wasn’t outwardly confirmed that he was my Twin Flame. I knew it in my heart though.

I had done a free consultation for Twin Flames Universe with Jose two years before and had seen him around the community often. A week before, I had asked God for a sign from my True Twin Flame. I asked him to show me a deer, which Jeff and Shaleia 

had told me is my spirit animal. I then noticed that Jose’s profile picture was of him feeding deer, which looked exactly like the ones I always imagined in my mind as my spirit animal. I felt struck by that, but I immediately dismissed it because Jeff had re-confirmed already that the person I thought was my Twin Flame was my true Twin Flame, so I felt guilty for even exploring (and secretly hoping) that it could be Jose.


So when Jose very unexpectedly came up in the session with my coach, my heart immediately was set free, and I felt joy and relief expanding within me. I felt all of the illusions of my false Twin Flame fall away, dissolving completely. I felt the truth in my heart and I suddenly saw the world in a whole new way. I was feeling alive, inspired, and I felt God’s presence everywhere. I knew I was experiencing a wonderful miracle as I felt the illusion of separation fade away at my core.

Work With Us
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The beauty of it was that my True Twin Flame had been there all along. He was right there for me when I was finally ready to be in Harmonious Union with God and myself first. God had my love story perfectly set up in the most beautiful and unexpected way.


I sent Jose a message, and a few hours later, we had a video call where we went over our love lists and connected for the first time since the consultation we’d had years earlier. When I saw his face, I felt a deep sense of recognition and familiarity, and as we talked, it became more and more obvious that he was my Twin Flame. Speaking to him helped me realize that the person I had previously thought was my Twin Flame did not actually love me at all. I felt loved just by Jose’s beingness, and I realized what True Divine Love is. It was peaceful and natural. My heart was singing with relief and joy.

Our soul brother and sister Daniel and Deanna, also Twin Flames in Harmonious Union, got onto a video call with us and asked us if we recognized each other as true Twin Flames. Then they asked us, “do you commit to each other eternally as Twin Flames to live one life

together?” And we both said yes, and Daniel said: “Well, congratulations, you’re in Harmonious Union!” Leesie later got onto a call, confirmed, and the rest is history.


Shortly after Harmonious Twin Flame Union, I bought a one-way ticket to Spain and left my old life behind, ready to begin the life of my dreams with my Twin Flame. Our lives are suddenly full of so much more love, romance, and peace than we knew was possible. It’s only the beginning. Our experience is centered entirely around our Harmonious Union, and it’s Jeff and Shaleia’s work that made this achievement possible. It’s what allows us to keep going deeper into love together. We are deeply grateful, humbled, and full of joy to be together and to share what we have with others. Life in Harmonious Union is beautiful, and everyone deserves this.

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