One-On-One Ascension Coaching

Master Your Twin Flame Journey

We will guide you to heal your blocks that prevent you from being with your Twin Flame in Harmoniuos Union and living your perfect life. Your reality is created by YOU and only you. When you change what is going on within you, what is reflected in your reality will change. Ascension Coaching is the fastest and most powerful way to change your life as we are changing the proramming of your mind from separation to Divine Love. Results are guaranteed every single time when you honestly and authentically

do the work. 

We use the Mirror Exercise taught by Jeff and Shaleia which is what brought us together in Harmonious Union. The Mirror Exercise transformed our lives in miraculous ways. We have come to master it and we can help you acheive the same results as we did, and many others following this path acheived as well. 

Image by Clarence E. Hsu

One Coaching Session

During this session, we will focus purely on your for one hour. This is the perfect session for you if you're looking for support on a core block or upset you may be experiencing.



Four Ascension Coaching Sessions

This is an amazing package that will support you greatly on your Twin Flame Journey, which will create great momentum on your inner healing progress. Having this deep personal support and care on your journey is highly valuable and life changing.


Two Coaching Sessions

This is the perfect package for you if you're desiring deeper support on your journey and you need extra love and attention. You will get to schedule the sessions to your preference.


Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU

Eight Ascension Coaching Sessions

This ultimate package will provide you with maximum support and healing on your Twin Flame Journey. This package essentially will give you 2 whole months of coaching (8 hours), scheduled at your preference.