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Personal Twin Flame Prayers

A Divinely Channeled Personal Prayer Just For You

Heavenly Father,

May you guide me and protect me as I walk this journey home to You. 

May my heart be restored in Your Love, as I walk this journey not with my own, but with Your Strength. 

May you return me to love and help me release all thoughts of separation from You and my beloved Twin Flame.

Let my heart be filled with Your Spirit and transformed in the image of Unconditional Love. 

May the holiness of Divine Love flow through me now so I may be at peace, forever home with my beloved Twin Flame.

 Please show me the way, and guide me as I heal. 

Let me be healed and free of all that would hold me back. 

Today and all days I give you my heart, and humble myself before You, in faith and reverence for All That You Are. 

I am nothing without You, O God, and I surrender my will to Your Will.

In Heaven’s Name,

Om amen.

Only offered in English. Your prayer will be delivered within 10 business days of your purchase. 

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