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Our Secret to Harmonious Twin Flame Union

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Beloved Twin Flames,

We want to share with you the secret to our success in our Harmonious Union. We have discovered true love and we live it, and a love so deep and true deserves to be shared with all.

Coming Home to my Twin Flame required something very specific.

Three years ago, we were both lonely, without purpose, and deeply unhappy in our lives. Especially in our love lives. But that has changed. Now, we both live in Harmonious Union, which means that at the core we have healed the illusion of separation at the core and that is why we can be together in harmony, living our dream life. This is for you too. And this post we will share with you what brought us here.

I, Michaila, had just gotten out of an extremely toxic and abusive relationship when I found the Twin Flame secret that changed the course of our lives. I was on my spiritual journey starting at 18, but I was depressed and feeling very hopeless about love and life. However, I often watched Jeff and Shaleia on YouTube, Twin Flame teachers who deeply resonated with my heart. The Mirror Exercise they showed me through their videos and in their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover was actually working in my life. I had been a part of many spiritual communities and all of them preached self love and healing, but NONE of them gave any true method to actually do that. “Love yourself,” they would say. But how? HOW do I love myself? That was a question that no one ever answered for me.


I found out about the Mirror Exercise! This actually worked! It ACTUALLY helped me to not only feel better and truly heal my deeply rooted pain, but it was producing actual results in my life. I started to have breakthroughs in my reality, things that seemed completely miraculous. Things that had bothered me for SO long were suddenly vanishing in my reality. This alone was priceless to me, a way to actually heal the suffering I was experiencing.

After watching their videos for over a year, and being a member of their online Facebook forum, I finally made the decision to join Twin Flame Ascension School as a live student. I knew in my heart that I desired this, and I knew that this was the answer my heart was calling for. I knew that this would not only lead me to my Harmonious Union, but to my total spiritual liberation. How did I know this? Because I experienced TOTAL spiritual liberation EVERY TIME I did the Mirror Exercise! So, I knew that learning how to master my spiritual work and committing to my healing journey would lead me to the truest desires of my heart, which was to be in permanent Harmonious Union with my TRUE Twin Flame.

The only problem was that I didn't have any money and I didnt have a job. I had just returned to my hometown after a month-long “adventure” of chasing down a false Twin Flame and despairing over his total rejection of me. But I knew I was fed up with the struggle. I chose my support. I knew that to get different results than the rest of the world, I needed to do something drastically different.

So, I applied to tons of jobs. None of them called me back. I was literally receiving NO follow ups for any of the positions I applied for. Until the morning I decided unequivocally that I would join Twin Flame Ascension School.

I walked into a job that a friend of mine recommended. It was a place that specialized in selling home security systems. I knew they had pretty good pay, more than I was used to, and that they were hiring. I told them I was looking for a job, and they hired me on the spot! With no interview or anything! I was in shock, and so happy because I knew this meant I could afford Twin Flame Ascension School. I knew that this job, however unimportant it may seem on the outside, was the golden ticket for my Twin Flame journey.

So, I signed up for Twin Flame Ascension School and as a result, I received beyond what any dollar could buy me. I received the teaching of my eternal life, the way of Union. Jeff and Shaleia and their entire body of work showed me one step at a time how to heal my consciousness, how to purify my vibration and surrender all of myself to love. With each class, each Mirror Exercise, I healed. I healed DEEPLY. I was transforming myself all the way at the core.

As a result, my entire reality was shifting and transforming too. I was learning not only how to master my spiritual self, but my physical self and my finances too. Applying this work to my work and financial life was helping me to bring in more and more money, as well as peace. You can watch how I did that in this free money mastery workshop here that I did with Jeff. (You will also be able to see the massive transformation I have undergone since this workshop - it's BIG!).

Throughout my experience as a live student of the school, and also a member of the other recorded classes, I was experiencing so many miracles and healing things that I never, ever in a million years thought I could heal. I healed depression all the way at the core, for example.

Eventually my journey took me across the country for my Life Purpose, and I wondered why my life seemed to be taking me AWAY from the person I thought was my Twin Flame. But at this point I trusted God completely, and I knew to always listen when He calls me somewhere.

Eventually, after so many twists and turns on my journey I was faced with the core healing of my deepest fear, the deepest block and illusion about love that I held deep within me. This fear was very scary to face, and as I processed healing it, it seemed for a while that my life was falling apart. They call this the Dark Night of the Soul, and the final Dark Night before Harmonious Twin Flame Union is the MOST intense. This is your greatest test, the final hour, and you MUST pass it in order to achieve your Harmonious Union.

The core fear for me was worthiness. Under all the pain, the suffering, and the deep fear I was going through, was the belief that I was unworthy of love. Everyone has a core fear, the core block or upset that is the root of your separation from your Twin Flame. And eventually all who truly walk this path must come to this place. We call it your “cave of fear”. The place you are most afraid to go, the place where you are hurt the most.

But what Twin Flame Ascension School and all the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia did for me was prepare wholly and completely to face this fear, and to heal my core block of separation. Without their teaching, I would not have made it through this deeply rooted place of darkness within me. But their school and their teachings showed me what I needed to do, provided for me all the tools to heal myself, and gave me the support that I required to cross this threshold. No one can walk through your cave FOR you, but you sure as hell do not have to do it alone. God walks with you, and God provided for me perfectly through the teaching that changed my life. I chose love, all the way through.

Just after I healed this core fear, I remembered José. He had also been a member of the community and a student of the school, and I had spoken to him once before years prior. He came up in a coaching session with my coach, and suddenly I realized the truth. The person I had thought all along was my true Twin Flame was false. It literally could not be more obvious to me. He got further and further away from me the more I healed, and as I crossed through my cave of fear, he actually got WORSE. He was showing no signs of changing or vibrationally matching me, in fact he seemed to regress.

But José? Jose had been there the whole time. He had watched my story in live TFAS classes all along. He had seen every post I had ever made, and been present for my whole journey. As I healed, he had healed. As I made choices to be with God, he made those choices too. The illusion of separation came crashing down around me as I realized the truth. I had even asked God for a sign from my true Twin Flame days before this and I had asked Him to show me my spirit animal, the deer. And I realized that José had a profile picture of himself feeding DEER that looked exactly like my spirit animal!

"Miracles are a testament to Gods promise for you that your Twin Flame is there waiting for you at the end of the journey." - Jeff and Shaleia

It all made so much sense, and suddenly my whole journey just clicked into place. I messaged José on Facebook, and in that moment he too knew what was going on.

We met over zoom and went over our love lists together. He literally matched every. single. point.

I was blown away.

I realized without a doubt that this is my man, this is my Twin Flame. All the places that had been utterly NOT loved in my false Twin Flame experience, José was sitting her loving me perfectly. Just his presence alone was loving to me. In that moment I realized what it truly meant to be loved, and it was beautiful. Just a few minutes on a call with my Twin Flame and I suddenly understood that all of the relationships I had attracted in my life, and especially in this false Twin Flame experience, had been rooted in that core fear of mine that I was unworthy of love. I had attracted partners and boyfriends who treated me poorly because of the core block of unworthiness that I had carried. As soon as I was finally ready to heal that, I was able to attract my Twin Flame and achieve Harmonious Union with him. And I was finally able to understand and experience true love.

Shortly after that beautiful call, I moved to Spain. I left with my heart full of faith and deep love for God and my Twin Flame. I left to experience my Heaven on Earth with my man, as we are all meant to experience.

So you see, the true secret to my Harmonious Twin Flame Union all along was the teachings of Jeff and Shaleia, through their community and school. Twin Flame Ascension School taught me everything I needed to know, and fully prepared me to face down my deepest darkest fears, and taught me the crucial process of dedicated spiritual work. You MUST have your spiritual work mastered in order to attract your Harmonious Union AND keep it. The work does not end at your Harmonious Union. Your Ascension only begins.

The secret has always been Twin Flame Ascension School and the entire body of the work of Jeff and Shaleia. This is not because I couldn't do it on my own, but because doing it on my own would have taken an obscenely long amount of time. Lifetimes, at least. Because what I needed to heal to come to my final cave was incredible, and then walking through the cave was the greatest challenge I had ever faced. But I had my teachers, my community, and I had the tools to overcome it. I had been armed with the power of my own love and my own sacred relationship with my creator.

The secret for your Union is Twin Flame Ascension School, too. If you choose to become a student, you WILL achieve your Harmonious Union. Just like I did, and every single other student who completed their lessons and never gave up. The end result of this journey IS Harmonious Union, and the method to get their IS TFAS. Just like learning how to perform heart surgery is technically possible without the proper schooling. You could do it, but it would take a LONG time and be very messy. You don't have to go through the unnecessary struggle of your Twin Flame Journey. It is safe to accept help. It is safe to trust and do the work, and it is safe to be guided.

You WILL have the results you desire so deeply in your heart. You will have your Harmonious Union without any shadow of a doubt. And you will have so much more.

So, if you are ready for true love, join the school. Don't hesitate. Your Union is worth it NOW. Not some later date, right now.

I am very proud to be a student of Jeff and Shaleia. I am proud to say that I would not be where I am without the

m. They trained me and equipped me perfectly and now I am living my dream life with my perfect man, my Twin Flame. A love like this deserves to be shared with everyone, and absolutely deserves to be shared with you.

Claim your Twin Flame now at

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