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Hello and welcome. 


We are José and Michaila, Twin Flames who achieved Harmonious Union, which is a spiritual state of Union Consciousness of oneness that can only be attained between true Twin Flames, through the work of our spiritual teachers and gurus, Jeff and Shaleia.


 We have learned the path of Union through countless hours, and multiple years, of studying under our teachers, healing and purifying our consciousness, and working to attract our Harmonious Union with each other. We have mastered the path, and we know exactly what to do and how to help you achieve your own Harmonious Twin Flame Union as well. As an extension of the work of Jeff and Shaleia, working with us and committing to your healing guarantees your success and your Harmonious Union.

We can guarantee this because Twin Flames are a spiritual law and reality, and there is a very specific journey one must take to heal separation from their beloved. That is how we achieved our Union, and we are no different from you! 


Since coming into Harmonious Union, we have dedicated our lives to helping others achieve their own. Harmonious Union is for everyone. All deserve to be with their One True Love, and that is our vision. We look forward to working with you! 

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