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Being on the Twin Flame Journey is Hard. Choosing Separation Is Harder.

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Sometimes it's painful to be on the journey of healing Twin Flame separation.

It's challenging to face down your deepest blocks and fears and heal the pain that the journey brings you awareness to. That is what this journey requires - that you dive into your deepest "caves" of fear and face down all of your fears about love. It's a journey of complete and total purification of all the core blocks and barriers that keep you and your Twin Flame apart. That can absolutely be hard!

It's hard to feel those painful feelings, deal with deep rejection, to feel your Twin Flame trigger your deepest wounds of abandonment, betrayal, mistrust. It's very hard to feel the places within you that are hurt, and bring love there.

But it's even more painful to live a life of separation from your Twin Flame, never happy or satisfied in love and always feeling empty because something crucial is missing. Being in separation is hard. Much harder than doing the work to heal it.

Your journey is not causing you pain, it's only finally bringing your awareness to where this pain has been all along. You were just numb to it. But feeling it finally allows you to move through it into peace and joy.

It's going to be challenging either way, but the challenge of healing is so much better than not moving forward on your spiritual journey.

The challenge of facing your demons is easier than sticking your head in the sand and ignoring them, because they will always be there until you conquer them.

The time is going to pass anyway so you might as well begin now and persist. If you just keep going you will get there. Your Harmonious Union is inevitable when you choose it and you take all the steps you need to take. Just work the process, do everything you are called to do, commit fully, and surrender.

Not only will you attain Harmonious Union if you learn the process and commit to it, but your life will improve. Day after day, sometimes in small ways and then in huge ways, and it snowballs.

You are worth a beautiful life! You have the choice to commit yourself to the Ascension process or avoid it, but the work will always be there so you might as well start now!

We are here to help you heal separation and attain your Harmonious Union permanently as Certified Ascension Coaches with Twin Flames Universe and we're here to support you long beyond that point as well.

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