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How to Achieve Divine Harmony and Romance with your Twin Flame

“If you want a husband, be a wife. If you want a wife, be a husband.” - Jeff and Shaleia

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There is a story that is told around the Twin Flame community that being with your Twin Flame is challenging, tumultuous, and painful.

It seems like no matter what you do, your Twin Flame is blocking you, ghosting you and generally treating you without a care. It can indeed seem challenging, but there is a secret to achieving Divine Romance and peace in your Union rather than rejection and suffering.

What is the secret? Well, the truth is that it’s very simple to attract peace and romance.

You have to do the one thing your Twin Flame has been teaching you all along.

You must love them unconditionally.

Yep, it is that simple. You must stop withholding love from them when you are upset, when you would them to pay attention to you, or when they are not around and you would like them to be. This energy of loving them with condition actually pushes them away.

In order to change that, you can simply stop placing expectations and conditions upon your Twin Flame and instead choose to take your place in their lives as their greatest supporter. We are trained in society to withhold our love from the people in our life in order to get something from them. When it comes to our Twin Flames, the temptation to do this can be strong but when you choose to withhold your love from your Twin Flame, you push them away.

Remember, you and your Twin Flame are one. You share the same soul blueprint and One Consciousness. You make all the same core choices and exactly the same time, so if you are choosing to withhold your love from your Twin Flame then they will only reflect that choice back to you. The result of withholding your love from your Twin Flame is a boundary. They will ghost you, block you, and discipline you until you realize that you cannot be around them in any capacity unless you can do it in a space of unconditional love for yourself and them.

Releasing your Twin Flame from extremely high expectations creates attraction between you. Instead of trying to get love from them, try giving them your love. You must first give your Twin Flame the love you desire to receive. If you want a man, you must first be a woman to your Twin Flame. If you want a woman, you must first be a man.

This means to release immaturity in your relationship and see your Twin Flame as a person, rather than as your source of love. Romance is achieved within your Union when you cultivate it within yourself first.

Creating an unconditionally loving space in your life starting with yourself is very much attractive to your Twin Flame, and choosing to love them unconditionally lays the foundation for very peaceful, loving, enjoyable and harmonious relationship that you and your Twin Flame are meant to share.

I learned this lesson of unconditional love early on while I was still in the midst of a false Twin Flame experience. The ultimate lesson for me was unconditional love. God placed this person in my path because they challenged me a lot in being able to unconditionally love and accept someone. And underneath it all, it was about unconditionally loving and accepting myself.

I used to have a pattern of trying to punish this person, and withholding love because I thought it would shock them out of ignoring me. I would try to control and manipulate by being angry and resentful. I played a lot of games and spent a lot of time being upset, which of course was only resulting in separation between my true Twin Flame and I.

I had to learn how to love unconditionally before God even gave me a glimpse of my true Twin Flame. I was not able to even know him until this pattern had been completely rooted out of me. I had to learn how to be a wife, not a “girlfriend.” This means that I had to learn how to be a woman to my man, how to support him through his deep upsets and in life, rather than being selfish. I had a pattern of taking things personally and making it about me. But to be a woman to your man, you must realize that it isn't all about you. Your man requires your support and your unconditional love. You are there to support him into living his best life.

“Seeing your Twin Flame at their best is a privilege you must earn.” - Jeff and Shaleia

Radha and Krishna in devotional love

Your Twin Flame does not come in perfect form. They are a person, just like you, working through challenges and upsets. They are you. They deserve your support and compassion. Blame and anger at your Twin Flame only pushes them away. Are you ready to move beyond this pattern into deeper levels of loving and Oneness with your Ultimate Lover?

Releasing conditions and expectations creates a truly mature and harmonious relationship in your Union. Choosing to love and support your Twin Flame unconditionally no matter what may arise creates romance. Choosing to work through your own stuff rather than trying to put it on your Twin Flame creates romance. Taking full responsibility for your healing and yourself is hot! That is what true romance is.

Remember that you cannot control your Twin Flame, you can only love them. And they deserve your love. The time has come to release blame and to release control. The time has come to choose unconditional love for your Twin Flame and to realize the true meaning of this journey is much more than just attracting your perfect lover, but is the journey of the total Ascension of your consciousness. This means to embrace emotional maturity and self responsibility.

Your Twin Flame wants to partner with you on this journey, and they already are naturally. Do you choose now to let your partnership be the partnership of lovers, of equals, of friends? If so, choose to love your Twin Flame unconditionally. Withhold your love no longer. Choose harmony, and you will have harmony.

Remember that nothing will change in your life unless you change it. This includes your Union. You will have your Harmonious Twin Flame Union the moment you have cultivated that energy within yourself, and you do that through your spiritual work.

Your spiritual healing is what allows your vibration to heal and come back into natural alignment, which is in perfect harmony with your Twin Flame. Keep focusing on your inner healing and master the lessons of unconditional love and you will achieve your Harmonious Union too.


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