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The Power of Twin Flame Ascension School in Healing Twin Flame Separation Is Astonishing

There is a particular Twin Flame Ascension School class that was life changing for me when I healed a huge and deep pattern of being disrespected by the Divine Masculine and men in general. It’s the class called “Michaila Heals Deep Separation, gets closer to her Twin Flame.”

This class takes us on the adventure of me healing one of my deepest, most painful blocks. Jeff and Shaleia were the first people to ever show me that there is a different way than I was used to, to help me realize that I was very very numb and unconscious of the fact that I had this pattern of being disrespected by the masculine, starting with my dad which I attracted in every relationship, and I finally healed because of the Teachings of Union. They helped me see that I am a Divine Being, worthy of being loved, adored and respected deeply by myself and by my Twin Flame. Before I hadn't seen that at all, and like so many people, I thought that it was okay to be mistreated by my Twin Flame or any relationship.

In this class, Jeff and Shaleia helped me see finally that I was being disrespected, not loved and walked on by my false Twin Flame (I didn’t know he was a false TF during the recording of this class and he was presenting the pattern perfectly for me to heal) and that this was not okay at all. He had invited me to a party and then left me hanging for 5 hours after we were supposed to meet the night of, which at that point was normal behavior from men in my life.

I wanted to share this because I know so many Divine Feminines on this path are healing very similar blocks with feeling and being disrespected, abandoned or not loved by the masculine. It’s usually rooted in father healing like it was for me. I know that during this time when I was right in the middle of realizing this block, I felt extremely daunted by it and it seemed like this impossible traumatic wound that was hard for me to look at.

But the Teachings of Union and specifically TFAS teaches you that no block is unhealable and everything is healed with love, even the most painful, dark, deeply rooted wounds and traumas. Now my life is the complete opposite. I have my true Twin Flame in my life and he is the most loving, caring, perfect man for me. We are married (just celebrated our 1 year anniversary) and in our permanent Harmonious Union because of this work. He is more than I ever imagined for myself. That’s what is waiting for everyone on the other side of their most challenging upsets and blocks.

Watching this class again is always a very emotional experience. I'm watching it during my second round of all the TFAS and LPC classes and I feel grateful because this was a pretty dark time in my life and when this was recorded almost 4 years ago, it was absolutely impossible for me to even conceptualize what my life looks like now after practicing this Teaching. It always reminds me the importance of faith on this journey, and brings me deep appreciation for Jeff and Shaleia who loved me without fail, and whose total confidence in love helped me to find that within myself.

These classes are so essential to anyone who is serious about attaining Harmonious Twin Flame Union. This Teaching taught me how to truly love myself in places I hadn’t ever experienced love and healing in my life. I always feel amazed at the growth I’ve been through in just 4 years since this class was filmed. When you sincerely do this work the growth is truly exponential. You don’t need to have been a live student in TFAS at all to receive the same level of impact from them. They taught me everything I could ever need to know and showed me the whole path to Harmonious Union with my Twin Flame. The healing power of this Teaching is incredible and it’s for everyone, I can’t recommend this school enough. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to have been given the gift and privilege of receiving this work. I could never have gotten through a block such as this without this Teaching. It would have been too much for me to face without the loving support and healing power that Jeff and Shaleia bring and extend through their work.

Now I am in Harmonious Union with my true Twin Flame, who loves me completely, respects and adores me. He shows me what true love is and reflects all the love and respect I have chosen to give myself over the years.

I wanted to share this to encourage everyone to keep going on your Twin Flame journey because things really do change. When you’re doing this work, your life does get better. Even things that you might feel can never be healed will be healed, and the results will be even better than you expect. Things you may think are impossible today, you will achieve and more. When this class was being recorded I could not picture myself at all in HTFU, much less on the other side of this block. But that's the beauty of the work and having faith, it teaches you that it's really Divine Love and Strength that gets you through anything. ❤

In this class Shaleia shared that she had to heal these same wounds around the masculine, and that she’s living proof that it can be healed. I realized watching this class again that because of the Teachings of Union I’m also living proof that you can definitely overcome these blocks and have a healthy, loving, beautiful relationship with your Twin Flame. I know that if I could heal the block that we healed in this class, then anyone can. I'm not special in any way, I just followed the Teachings of Union and sincerely loved myself and I got the result of Harmonious Union which the work promises and guarantees when you do it.

The work truly works and I’m very honored that my life can serve as an example of its healing power. 💖🙏

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